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Grow Deep, Branch Out, Bear Fruit

Welcome to the Bethesda United Methodist Church

The Bethesda United Methodist Church

Bethesda Church is serving its 175th year of ministry in and to the city of Salisbury, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and the world.
Over the years, we have moved to different buildings, our name has changed, and the music has evolved to meet the needs of our parish, but the love of God, the Word of God, and the need to impact our world for God remains the same.

As we move through  the Season of Easter leading up to Pentecost in a few weeks, consider joining us on this journey, either in person, or through our web site. We hope you will find this web site helpful and be blessed by our fellowship. Grow deep. Branch out. Bear fruit.

Daily Devotions

Helping Others through their Pain

Daily Devotion for May-24-2016

Thessalonians 5:14

There are hurting people everywhere, but at times we just don't know what to say or do to ease their pain. Here are six practical ways to bear someone else's burden.

Be there. At times the best "method" of helping is... Read more


Pastoral Change Coming

Changing Pastors

The picture you see here is of Dolly, our church dog. She has been coming with Pastor Brian to work since she was 14 weeks old. (She turned 5 this April.) After July 1, you will no longer see Dolly at work, because Pastor Brian is being sent to another parish. Starting July 1, Pastor Brian will... Read more

Young Adults Meet for Coffee

Easter Sunday the young adults decided to make a coffee run to Main Roots after the 9:00am contemporary service.  Great coffee and conversation was had by all and even a few mug shots to go with their coffee mugs! Keep checking back for future events or send me your number and I'll... Read more

Police Call at Bethesda

Community Night

The police called on Bethesda on February 17, 2016, but it was a very good thing. We have joined efforts with the Salisbury Police Department to inform the public about the police actions in our neighborhood. This is the second time they were here. This time they gave an update on policing... Read more

Pancake Dinner

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fat Tuesday, is a traditional time for Christians to "clean out the fat" getting ready for Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent. The best way, it would appear, is to use it all up in a great meal. At Bethesda, it has become a tradition for the United... Read more

Young Adults 18-30 Hit the lanes

Austin turkey

The Young Adults group hit the lanes at Cherokee Bowling Lanes in Salisbury on Sunday January 31st for some fun. Heather and Emily slayed dragons, Andrew was down the middle deadly, Austin was hunting turkeys (see image above) and out of nowhere Chris quietly out scored us all!  It was a... Read more


9:00 AM:  Contemporary Service
10:30 AM: Traditional Service

The Bethesda United Methodist Church is located at:
406 North Division Street
Salisbury, MD 21801